We value our patients’ experience at Terrapin Care Center

If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • Dr Dan is passionate about his practice and truly cares about you. I highly recommend him and his team. I have known and seen him since 2001. In college he really helped me get out of daily back pain and now I stand taller and sleep better. Go see them!

    – Brendan Spear .

  • I’ve dealt with back problems/chiropractors since I was 10 years old, and nothing even compares to Terrapin Care Center!! When I came into TCC I couldn’t even walk due to some severely pulled muscles. With less than two week of their services, my back felt brand new. Honestly, it felt like a miracle. Not only are they all awesome at their job, but they are caring and compassionate people. Sadly, I am moving out of the area and will miss them dearly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    – Katelyn Erica.

  • This is a first class operation in my opinion. I’ve had two lower-back operations, so I’ve been to a few practices and chiropractor’s. And there’s no other place I’d visit than Dr. Dan and his wonderful staff. He really seems to care about ALL his patients. Sadly, I don’t live close by anymore; otherwise I’d be there on a weekly basis, as my back and sciatic pain were nearly non-existent when frequenting Terrapin.

    Back Injury

    – Richard Ellinger .

  • I’d love to share my experience. I have almost zero trust in doctors because of my past experience. Before seeing Dr. Dan , I had seen numerous neck specialist/back specialist/ shoulder specialist. Nuero surgeon / all had no idea and said different things . Dr. Dan took the time , to work with me . Get to the bottom of my pain . Recommend the best neuro surgeon . Got my surgery and I’m on my way to recovery . Regardless of my pain being there or not . It was an amazing feeling to finally know what was wrong with me and to be treated as a person and not a patient . There is a difference. I recommend his practice to the fullest !

    – Rodrigo Santos .

  • The moment you walk in the door you are greeted with a friendly smile at the front desk, which is a huge plus. The Therapist/Chiropractor Assistants are very friendly and accommodation in making sure you are comfortable throughout the sessions. The doctors and Nurse Practitioners smiles and are very reassuring they will be able to help relieve the pain. I had an immediate connection there and HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Terrapin Care Center. A+++

    – Darnett Miller .

  • I am former competitive marathoner that has had the privilege of receiving world-class treatment for injuries through being a Division-1 athlete, USATF coaches, trainers etc. Thus, my standard for diagnostic reviews, treatments and therapy is easily more rigid/critical than 99% of the population. Given those facts, I was BEYOND impressed today with Dr. Kraus, his staff and the facility. I came into the office in tremendous pain at 10am and at 4pm today the pain has subsided by more than 50%... from just from the work we did in the office! Incredible. I would recommend them to anyone ranging from one of my former Junior Olympic teammates to my retired-kindergarten-teacher mother; I have all the confidence (and proof) in the would this team has a healing touch.

    – Lauren B..

  • I've been going to Terrapin Care Center for a number of months as I make progress toward my goal of reversing years of poor posture and the resulting health problems.

    This is NOT a one-size-fits all operation. They combine a variety of treatments which are tailored to my specific needs.

    The staff is AMAZING. Dr. Dan has put together a diverse team of experts who are knowledgeable, professional, friendly, caring, and have my best interest at heart. Everyone there is at the top of their game: from the front desk staff to the business manager to the massage therapist to the medical staff to the chiropractic assistants to the chiropractors to the director. Not only do they give great care, it is clear that they love their work and are committed to making a difference in the lives of their patients. A special "shout-out" to the awesome Dr. Grazia: She is a wonderful, caring chiropractor who has the "perfect touch." She regularly tweaks my treatment plan, as needed, giving helpful advice about lifestyle changes while involving me in decisions about my care. I have great confidence in this practice and highly recommend it!

    – Jan B..

  • This place is absolutely excellent. They have every service you could possibly need to get back to better health. They not only offer chiropractic care. They also offer massage, trigger point acupuncture, laser heat therapy, and physical therapy exercises to complement the chiropractic side. I've been going here religiously for about three months now and I feel better overall.

    All the doctors are excellent, but I particularly like Dr. Levy. His adjustments are exactly what I need and falls in line with the research I've been doing. He also takes the time to answer questions and alleviate particular pains you may be experiencing at the time.

    The initial visit consists of a consultation along with X-rays so they can see any structural issues you have. The following appointment is a review of findings and the recommended treatment plan. All staff are friendly and it is a comfortable and warm environment.

    – Yasmean W..

  • I cannot say how happy i have been with this practice. When first being evaluated, the staff LISTENED to the feelings and goals of my elderly mother. She was suffering from intractable back pain. All of the tests indicated a surgical solution, which we all thought was probably contraindicated for her age and health.

    We took the chance on this practice after doing some online research.

    The therapists, and the nurse practitioner are doing a fantastic job. Results speak for themselves. I am SO GRATEFUL that we found them!

    Neck and Back Pain

    – Stephanie G..

  • What an amazing establishment! From the response to my inquiry , to the phone call, communication, welcome at the reception desk to the knowledge, information and articulation, everything was awesome! Dr. Riley listened intently, gave suggestions, showed where my alignment should be in comparison to where it is and gave me many helpful solutions for my current issues. The hands on therapy was much needed and I am looking forward to my next appointment! I definitely recommend this place for anyone's chiropractic needs.

    Back Injury

    – Just M..

  • Dr. Rachel is the absolute best chiropractor I have found in Maryland. She finds out exactly where the pain is and finds a way to relieve it. Her knowledge and ability surpasses many doctors I have been to over the years who have been practicing much longer than she. One visit with her and you would not want to visit anyone else. She is an asset to this center.

    Neck and Back Pain

    – Joshua Morris.

  • Dr. Levy Riley started treating me on December 13, 2019. Prior to this I suffered with headaches and neck pain daily. The pain ranged from a level 6 to 10. His assessment revealed a number of things that I had no idea were contributing to my issues. The assessment was extremely thorough. During the follow up visit, Dr. Riley explained the treatment plan and walked me through each technique. His assistants were very helpful and patient with me as well. I'm no longer having the headaches! I have already experienced a 50% reduction in neck pain. If I continue the treatment plan I'm sure this will continue to drop. In addition, I've been sleeping much better at night since the adjustments. Specifically, I've been able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer which I did not know would come as a secondary benefit! I should mention that I told Dr. Riley about a nagging pain in my left elbow. It has bothered me for the past several months. He educated me on the anatomy in that region and worked with that area as well. Since then I have exercised multiple times and have not experienced pain in that region. This is remarkable because I actually had to stop doing bicep curls prior to getting the treatment from Dr. Riley. I have returned to doing curls and much more since. I can't thank him enough. I am beyond appreciative. The office is large, well designed, extremely clean, and very organized. The front desk staff are very pleasant and eager to help. This has been a great experience!

    Neck and Back Pain

    – Robert Wingfield.

  • I came in for some maintenance appointments before getting PCSed to Korea. The Doc did some x-rays on me and was able to point out some abnormalities that with some work can get closer to normal. Dr. Levy took the time to explain what was happening and what we can do to correct it. They sent me off with a piece of equipment to continue my care while overseas. I must say they took great care of me, and I highly recommend the care received by the whole time!

    – Andrew Ng.

  • The thing I hate the most about seeing medical professionals is the endless waits in the waiting room. This place NEVER makes me wait. Their care is excellent too. My back feels better than it has in years. You will not find this kind of attentive, respectful, and efficient care any where else. I will definitely keep coming back!

    Back Injury

    – Jonathan Derr.

  • I have been to several different chiropractic offices and Terrapin has been by far the best. I have been worked on by both chiropractors, the nurse practitioner, and the physical therapist and each of them offer excellent care. Every staff member is attentive and asks me about my progress. What I like the most is how thorough my care is. I work primarily with Dr. Rachel and she is communicative about everything she does and what I need to do at home. I was in a car accident about 7 years ago and have had chronic neck pain. After 10 weeks of coming in twice a week my neck pain has significantly reduced and my slouched position from working at a desk has improved. It was a lot of commitment but now I'm on a maintenance plan and only visit twice a month (my own preference).

    I also have to give a shout out to the amazing staff here as well. They are always super friendly and from what I can tell, know everyone by name. When my insurance was causing issues, they made sure I was taken care and helped me figure out the problem. Kevin and Chris are also fantastic about helping with stretches and making sure the treatments outside of the adjustments from the chiropractic, are comfortable.

    I cannot recommend this place enough. If you are hesitant about chiropractic care I suggest giving this place a chance.

    Back Injury

    – Andie Malterud.

  • Jeffrey T.
    While riding my bicycle in July 2002 I was struck from behind by a car traveling at about 35MPH. The impact resulted in compression fractures of my L1 and L2 vertebrae, among other injuries. I was out of commission and flat on my back for 2 weeks, and had to wear a very aggressive back brace for support for several months after that. However, it was my good fortune to come under the care of Dr. Dan. In the early months post-injury I came in 3x/week, eventually tapering off to 2x, then 1x. With Dr. Dan’s help I resumed my bicycle training and racing program, and now I hate to miss a week, because it makes a noticeable difference in how comfortable I feel on the bike. I will always be grateful to Dr. Dan for making it possible for me to continue doing the sport that has been my passion for more than 40 years.

    Back Injury

    – Jeffrey T..

  • Margaret Ann C.
    I was desperate when I first walked into Terrapin Chiropractic and met Dr. Dan in November of 2008. Although I am a health care professional, I knew very little about chiropractors, but had tried everything else to relieve my neck pain and spasm. A co-worker recommended Dr. Dan to me. She had succeeded in recommending a trusted car mechanic and she is an excellent nurse practitioner so I figured, WHY NOT trust her with her recommendation of a chiropractor? Within weeks of seeing Dr. Dan, I was a believer. I no longer experienced daily pain, but I could actually look over my right shoulder, something I had not been able to do in years. Since my symptoms were gradual, I didn’t realize that a neck injury that I suffered in 1976 was the culprit of my seemingly sudden spasm and pain. Over time, my neck became tilted to one side (and more) causing stress on the muscle and spasms. There were days that I couldn’t stand the weight of my head on my shoulder. As soon as I got home from work I would lay on the floor until the spasm decreased. I tried EVERYTHING to help relieve the pain. I stopped falling asleep on the couch (helped a little); got a new Tempurpedic bed and pillow (helped a little); took antispasmodics (helped very little); had acupuncture (helped for a few days; had deep tissue massages (helped for 3 days) and finally found Dr. Dan. I initially saw him at least 2-3 days a week and I am on a maintenance plan. When I miss appointments because of travel, I can really tell the difference in my neck mobility.

    My treatment has also improved my neck alignment. As I look at pictures from around 2000, it appears that my clothes are being pulled to one side. Although I still don’t have a straight neck, I can see the improvement in current pictures. I know that you are now looking at my picture and thinking “REALLY, her neck still looks crooked to me!”; however, I can assure you that it looks and feels much better.

    THANKS TO DR. Dan and the fabulous staff at Terrapin Chiropractic!

    Neck and Shoulder Pain

    – Margaret Ann C..

  • Rupert H.
    Since I began treatment with Dr. Kraus and the Terrapin Chiropractic team, four months ago, my posture, flexibility, and feeling of well-being have never been better. I thought that the aches and pains I felt in my neck and shoulders were part of the course. After my initial consultation with Dr. Kraus, I learned that accepting pain is unnecessary. With the various stretching and chiropractic treatment, I now feel stronger and pain free, as a result of the work of the chiropractic team. The very competent and caring staff makes me feel welcome and provides me with a very pleasant and positive experience with every visit. Thank you for your dedication and commitment!” –

    Neck and Shoulder Pain

    – Rupert H..