Physical Therapy: One-on-One Treatment

Terrapin Care Center offers a full range of physical therapy services, including stretching and strength training, to deliver the best in patient-centered treatment. Our rehabilitation professionals deliver custom, one-on-one treatments to relieve pain effectively and ensure that you live a long, pain-free life.

As part of our physical medicine services here at Terrapin Care Center, our goal with therapy is to treat your loss of mobility or physical impairment so you can get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. There are many physical conditions that can make performing even the most basic of daily tasks difficult. Our skilled team can help you eliminate your pain, restore physical functions and improve your range of motion.

When you first come to us to begin your physical medicine program, we will work with you to address the inflammation or affected area of the body with medication or physical therapy modalities. There are a variety of ways we can go about this, such as:

  • Stretching
  • Strength training
  • Muscle stimulation via ice, mirror image spinal adjustments and traction, water or electrical
  • Deep tissue laser therapy

Once we have the initial pain and inflammation under control, our doctors begin working on strengthening the weakened muscle or joint to build up your core strength. We believe manual therapy is an essential part of treatment and recovering from injury, and our hands-on treatment is one way we ensure that your rehabilitation is thorough and complete.

By treating the source of the injury rather than the symptoms, you can ensure a lifetime free from pain. We don’t just say goodbye at the end of your session and see you off. Our pain specialists in Silver Spring MD can give you detailed exercises and treatments you can continue with on your own at home to enhance your progress.

Learn More About Physical Therapy at Terrapin Care Center

Choose Terrapin Care Center for physical medicine in Silver Spring MD. We can be reached at 301-328-1996, so call to schedule your appointment today. We are located at 9658 Baltimore Avenue, Ste 420, in College Park, MD, open Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 6pm and Thursday 2pm – 6pm