Why Terrapin Care Center?

Why Terrapin Care Center?

September 25, 2020 / Daniel J. Kraus, D.C.

Your body undergoes different kinds of stress every day. Some of this stress can cause pain and discomfort. Without treatment, these problems may eventually compromise your physical and even your mental health later on. Terrapin Care Center offers various high-quality services to maintain your overall well-being.


Here are some reasons to trust us for your needs:

Skills and Dedication

Terrapin Care Center is a family-owned, multidisciplinary clinic that provides reliable pain management, physical therapist and physical medicine services. Our team is composed of highly trained medical professionals committed to helping you experience a pain-free life. We are led by Daniel Kraus, D.C., who has comprehensive experience in structural rehabilitation and extensive knowledge on spinal correction.

Our Pain Management and Physical Medicine Services

Terrapin Care Center offers different chiropractic care options to help manage your pain for your better well-being. We provide full-scale, patient-centered physical therapy services that include stretching and strength training. Our services can help reduce your pain and improve your mobility, letting you regain independence over your daily tasks quickly and safely.

We also offer postural correction methods to correct skeletal misalignment. Our chiropractic care includes spinal therapy as well, an effective way to relieve back and neck pain. We offer a variety of osteoarthritis treatments such as manual therapy, flexibility training, and hydrotherapy to widen your range of motion. Our pain management services may also involve administering hyaluronic acid or nerve blocks to your affected joints.

Why Turn to Terrapin Care Center?

At Terrapin Care Center, we deliver individualized and effective patient care. We understand that every patient faces unique challenges and therefore requires custom treatment. We are a one-stop-shop for all your pain management and physical medicine needs, whether you need physical or massage therapy. We also work with most insurance companies, letting us reach out to every person in need of pain relief.

For a better, healthier and happier you, get in touch with us today at (302) 328-1996 so we can start creating your own wellness program. You may also fill out our form to request an appointment. We serve Silver Spring, MD, and nearby areas.