Video Blog: A Closer Look at Knee Arthritis

Video Blog: A Closer Look at Knee Arthritis

December 20, 2019 / Daniel J. Kraus, D.C.

Your knees play an important role in your daily activities. They help you walk, sit, stand, run, and jump. Knee arthritis, however, can significantly hinder your mobility, undermining your quality of life. In today’s post, your trusted pain management clinic, Terrapin Care Center, discusses this condition in detail:


Knee Anatomy

Your knees are some of the largest and strongest joints in your body, supporting most of your upper weight. They connect three important bones: thigh bone, shin bone, and patella (knee cap). Their ends are covered with cartilage, which acts as a cushion and protects your knees when you bend or straighten them. They are also surrounded by the synovial membrane, which releases fluids to lubricate your cartilage, reducing friction and pressure on your joints.

Root Cause and Risk Factors of Knee Arthritis

Knee joint inflammation may be caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The former is more popularly known as “wear-and-tear” arthritis, since it often affects older individuals. This involves gradual knee cartilage deterioration, reducing the protective space between the three knee bones. The bones then rub against each other, producing bone spurs which can cause severe and potentially debilitating discomfort. This is why treating arthritis pain is one of our priority management methods.

Rheumatoid knee arthritis occurs when your immune system attacks your knee synovial membrane, causing it to swell. This can result in pain, stiffness, and decreased mobility, and typically affects both knees at the same time.

Our Recommended Management

For effective pain relief for arthritis, turn to Terrapin Care Center. We offer various methods to reduce the discomfort caused by this condition. We may suggest administering hyaluronic acid injections to supplement the reduced synovial fluid, restoring the shock absorbing system in your knees. We may also include manual therapy and flexibility training in your care plan to improve your mobility. We offer custom-made knee braces as well to provide additional knee support.

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