Understanding Sciatica

Understanding Sciatica

May 08, 2020 / Daniel J. Kraus, D.C.

From your lower spine, individual nerve endings branch out and combine to form the largest single nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve. This nerve provides sensation to the sole of your foot, part of your lower leg, and the back of your thigh. It also controls the muscles on your lower leg and back of the knee. If it becomes irritated, you may experience a debilitating pain known as sciatica. Read on as your trusted pain management clinic, Terrapin Care Center, discusses this condition:


What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is not a medical diagnosis—it is actually a manifestation of an underlying condition. Spinal stenosis, for example, causes spinal canal narrowing that can put pressure on your nerves. You may also develop this problem when you have a ruptured intervertebral disc, degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc, or spondylolisthesis.

Sciatica causes a constant and incapacitating pain that usually affects one side of your leg. This discomfort is often characterized as a tingling, burning, or numbing sensation that radiates to your leg, foot, and toes. It worsens when you are sitting, making it difficult for you to move your lower limbs. There are times you may experience a sharp, shooting pain that could prevent you from standing or walking properly. You may feel that your lower extremities are losing strength as well. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek help from your physical therapy center immediately.

How Is Sciatica Managed?

At Terrapin Care Center, we have a wide range of pain treatment services that can help relieve your discomfort, allowing you regain functionality as quickly as possible.

We usually begin by recommending nerve blocks to reduce the pain in your lower extremities, and we may also include massage therapy in your care plan. This involves using manual manipulation to relieve muscle spasms or tensions in your affected area, easing your pain. We offer trigger point therapy, spinal injections, and kinesiotaping as adjunct sciatica management methods as well.

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