How Does Physical Therapy Help Manage Pain?

How Does Physical Therapy Help Manage Pain?

August 14, 2020 / Daniel J. Kraus, D.C.

Various conditions cause different levels of pain that can affect your mobility as well as your overall well-being and quality of life. As your multidisciplinary pain management clinic, Terrapin Care Center offers non-invasive pain relief treatments, such as physical therapy, for your improved comfort and health.


Read on as we share what makes physical therapy an effective pain relief method.

What Happens During a Physical Therapy Session

At Terrapin Care Center, we design a custom treatment plan to address your specific needs. This is why our physical therapy sessions usually start with a medical history review where we ask you questions concerning your current health. Our questions may also revolve around risk factors that could have contributed to your condition, such as family history, injuries or medications.

We’ll then perform a physical examination to include in your baseline data. The information from your medical history and the results of the physical exam help determine the cause of your pain. They also serve as our basis when setting treatment goals and determining which activities to include in your physical therapy sessions.

How Physical Therapy Works

Damaged tissues or injured muscles initiate an inflammatory response that may cause debilitating pain. This discomfort may restrict your ease of movement, affecting your daily efficiency. This is why our physical therapy typically seeks to reduce tissue inflammation and control your pain levels. We’ll then work on building up your core strength.

A physical or massage therapy session often involves performing a set of carefully selected exercises that can help strengthen your weakened joints and muscles. This may include stretching, muscle stimulation and other forms of manual therapy that can help reduce pain and swelling of your muscles or tissues. Allotting some time to do these activities can do wonders for your joint stability and overall endurance. After a few sessions, you may also notice an improvement in your flexibility and range of motion.

By maintaining a consistent exercise routine, you’ll be able to control your pain, restore your physical functions and regain autonomy and independence in your daily life. For more information how physical therapy works, call us today at (301) 220-1930. You may also complete our form to request an appointment. We serve Greenbelt, Silver Spring and nearby areas in Maryland.