4 Great Reasons to Have Massage Therapy

4 Great Reasons to Have Massage Therapy

November 22, 2019 / Daniel J. Kraus, D.C.

Although some level of stress is unavoidable for most people, too much stress is unhealthy, and can actually cause physical problems like headaches, sore shoulders, and other pain. Fortunately, Terrapin Care Center offers an effective stress and pain relieving method in the form of massage therapy. Read on as your trusted physical therapy clinic discusses four great reasons to try massage therapy:


1. Effectively Lowers Stress Levels

With everything that is going in your life, all the stress may be drowning your energy levels and putting your health at risk. You may have tension headaches because of deadlines you are rushing to meet. Even when you are sitting at your desk, you are experiencing a form of postural stress. By just massaging your temples, shoulders, or neck for a few minutes, you can instantly reduce the pain caused by your high stress levels.

2. Helps Reduce Muscle Pain

Massage therapy is an effective way to ease muscle pain, especially in your lower back. Your reliable physical therapist may use manual manipulation to release tension in your muscles. This also increases blood flow in these affected areas, allowing oxygen to nourish them. It creates a relaxing effect as well, making pain receptors less responsive for your better comfort.

3. Reliable Way to Boost Your Immunity

Studies show that massages can help strengthen your immune system. In fact, a 2010 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that individuals who underwent massage therapy had increased white blood cell counts, which are essential components of your inflammatory response.

4. Helps You Sleep Better Getting a restful night’s sleep is essential to rejuvenate your bodily tissues and cells.

Massage therapy promotes relaxation, letting you experience better sleep quality. It also helps reduce your stress and anxiety levels, so you will feel more energized when you wake up the next day.

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